Bathroom trends of 2019

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We have bid adieu to 2018 and now it’s that time of year when the design community begins predicting the movements that will dominate homes in 2019, and, of course, a bathroom is a place that shouldn’t be missed. If you’ve been thinking that bathroom renovation for a while now, it’s time to consider the following footfall. The New Year is bringing with it a clump of new design styles, and some exciting things that have been around. We asked our best bathroom design experts on what to expect for the upcoming 2019 bathroom trends and here are the top results!

Let us study top bathroom design styles, whether you are building a new house or planning a renovation, the list is sure to spark some creativity. From chic and modern to industrial and vintage, whatever your personal style may be, 2019 is your year for bathroom remodeling.

1. Go Gold and Brass

bathroom trends
Gold and brass fixtures are back and even more serious than earlier! Shades of gold and black are taking over sinks, lavatories, bathtubs and primarily anything and everything in your bathroom in this 2019 interior designs trend predictions.
Because this lovely warm toned gold has emphasized every piece of the way along with hardware and mirrors as well.

2. Wooden accents are back

bathroom trends
As grey is slowing working its way out of home renovation trends, the interior design trends of 2019 have welcomed the warmer tones and accents especially the wooden ones! Also, richly colored woods are great this time of year. Wooden accents pair nicely with the vintage trends hence it’s no surprise they are emerging back!

3. Make way for Candy pop colours

bathroom trends
Adopt this most popular bathroom trends of 2019, with patterned tiles with large floral or geometric patterns in brilliant bright shades. Likewise, blush pink is the vividness of the season as it provides for a cheerful contrast.

4. Matte work

bathroom trends
Grey was amongst the 2017 and 2018 popular interior designs for a bathroom, but today it has changed altogether as we welcome bold and dark styles this season. That’s right dark tones and especially black tops the 2019 interior design trends for bathrooms. This matte work, interior design trend is most popular amongst the light fixtures, some other fixtures, mirrors and storage.

5. Get comfy with freely standing big bathtubs

bathroom trends
The bigger the bathtubs the more place for relaxation and what’s better than getting comfy in your bathroom after a long tiring day? The latest trends bring the bathtubs back as a decorative and a functional object in the lavatory. These days you get all kinds of free standing bathtubs.

6. Statement mirror

bathroom trends
As mentioned earlier in this post, matte finished statement mirrors are in, thanks to the bathroom design trends of 2019. Also, asymmetrical mirrors are here and better than ever. Quirky and geometric shaped mirrors are the buzz of the season. And do not forget about the most important point of the bathroom mirrors – lighting! Backlit mirrors are a more subtle choice for optimal lighting. Exactly like our smart rooms our bathrooms are getting smarter, Include smart technology like a mirror-integrated touchscreen where you can control the lights, look at the weather, or choose your playlist all in one impressive place.

7. Statement walls

bathroom trends
Over sized floral patterns and statement tiles of honeycomb shapes, color pop bold colors, intricate patterns, long subway tiles, fish scale tile, and more are all available and are in the  list of 2019 interior design trends of bathroom especially in bright co lours. Besides, keeping any statement art in the bathroom to look beautiful won’t be harmed as it is super chic this season.

8. Infrared saunas are awesome

bathroom trends
Infrared saunas can be amazing with all the health benefits without the heavy and old fashioned look of regular sauna. From grand spaces to bijou wet rooms; in a myriad range of styles from modern to traditional or transitional. We bring you our curated selection of the very best in bathroom ideas, design and inspiration; from tubs to taps, showers, tiles, furniture, walls coverings, colour schemes, accessories and storage.

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