WABI SABI – The Art of Imperfection

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Arising from the Japanese words, Wabi-Sabi actually is a two-word combination. Wabi means austere or modest and Sabi, meaning, as well as the material universe around us, mellow beauty with overtones of isolation and aloneness. It is the Japanese philosophy for a perfectly imperfect life.

The tones which include Wabi Sabi are:

  • An appreciation of the ephemeral beauty of the physical universe.
  • Simplicity.
  • Humility.
  • Rusticity.
  • Loneliness.
  • Serenity.

The Japanese term Wabi-Sabi originated in the 1400s and frequently appears as a keyword in the design of dwellings around the macrocosm which is why it is the future 2019 interior design trends.

 wabi sabi

The rustic room with the charming character- rugged table along with bruised ceilings doesn’t mean we should quickly replace it. It shows the love and affection for the things we have cared for all these years; you determine its beauty in its faults and imperfections.

The key of Wabi-Sabi is in creating your own variation of the look, but accepting the philosophy and embrace the impermanence of everything so it is one of the most popular 2019 interior design trends. Cherish the imperfections and enjoy their beauty because they show the expiration of time.

Still, if one desires to practice Wabi-Sabi in their day-to-day life, remember two things: Enjoy old things and let go of perfection.

Wabi-sabi has long influenced the Japanese arts. What is known as the “Wabi-sabi aesthetic” includes Ikebana (arrangement of blooms, stems, etc. in vases), in Japanese gardens, haikus, Japanese pottery and the Japanese tea ceremony.

WABI SABI is the upcoming trend in 2019 and tops the list of 2019 interior design trends which is all about embracing imperfections and personal authenticity, making the Wabi-sabi design trend a must-have in your home interiors this year.

wabi sabi

A lavatory inspired by the Wabi-Sabi theme

A few things to restrain in the psyche to go Wabi- Sabi this 2019:


 Since a big part of Wabi-sabi is about relating to the earth, it’s possible to incorporate this 2019 design trends using such materials no matter where your aesthetic preferences may lie. For instance, someone who prefers Nordic design might make their design around light woods while someone who enjoys a Mediterranean look might include lots of terra cotta.


The colours that illustrate Wabi-Sabi theme

With Wabi-Sabi design trends, simplicity is central.

wabi sabi

One of the examples of moodboard of tiles for the Wabi-Sabi theme

Normally, when we discuss adding finishing touches to the interior designs, we talk around how to make it look finished, or how to give it a professionally-designed edge. In this case, you’re aiming for the opposite.

wabi sabi

The charm in the old and imperfect walls depicts the Wabi-Sabi theme

In any case, on that point is no accurate definition to show the profundity of the concept. We have 15th-century Japanese philosophy to thank for bringing us the components of Wabi-Sabi.


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