10 Reasons to Buy Smart Toilet/BioTracer right now!

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Smart toilets/ BioTracer are the opulent choice for life. We have brought technology to every space in our lives and the time came for the toilets. Isn’t it fascinating to have a toilet that cleans and sanitises itself, glow in the darkness, plays music to enhance privacy and above all washes and dry’s you? This is how far technology has gone, it is not all about automation, but bringing in the aspect of artificial intelligence in your washrooms.

A smart toilet or intelligent toilet is electrically controlled and offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure hygienic practices. They also have sensors to detect clogging and prevent overflowing, and many more enticing capabilities.

Here are the chief features of smart toilets, which might make you want to consider one, if you are updating or refurbishing your bathroom or newly building your home.


smart toilets or biotracer
Ten important health indicators are collected among them are blood glucose, protein, ph-levels, etc. Also, the smart toilets analyses urine tests. With the mobile app, you can compare and analyse the collected data and have control over your personal fitness. Hence, ‘smart toilets’ or ‘BioTracer’ would be a huge boon to public health.


smart toilets or bio tracer
The smart toilet can self-clean itself. The Toilet will flush automatically every time after use. Moreover, Every 24 hours once or at the pre-set time the toilet will use ultraviolet rays to clean the toilet. The Ultraviolet rays will disintegrate anything in the bowl area and then flush it to clean it.
The nozzle used for the cleanup is also cleaned with water after every time used and also the ultraviolet rays will clean the nozzle.
Once cleaned by the ultraviolet rays then water will be flushed to clean and the warm air blowers will dryer the bowl area. The above process ensures the perfect cleaning of the smart toilet. After everything, the toilet deodorised automatically to make sure it is fresh as new. There is a manual cleaning option also available in the intelligent toilet.


smart toilets or bio tracer
Smart toilets are the type of water efficient toilets. This smart toilet/ BioTracer uses less water compared to the other water closets and also have options for full flush and eco flush. They also restrict water usage by adjusting the flush amount as per necessity as they sense how much water is needed and flush using just the right amount.

The smaller flushes can use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF). A basic toilet that doesn’t have smart flush technology uses around 1.6 gallons. They can detect clogging too, and thus prevent overflowing in such instances. An environment-friendly pick, for sure!


smart toilets or bio tracer
First and foremost, they flush without being touched. Each water closet has a sensor that activates the flushing mechanism. Once you have used the toilet, it will automatically flush the toilet. Not only it can flush automatically, but it can flush the toilet full or eco flush based on the time in the toilet.

The perk of having a sensor instead of a handle is that germs won’t get transferred from the hands to the toilet and then to the next person who flushes.


smart toilets or bio tracer
Do you get a nasty shock on cold mornings when you first sit on your toilet seat? The toilet seat will be heated to make you feel comfortable and warm thereby eliminating the morning unplesantness. The temperature can be controlled or set using the remote. The people in a cold location can enjoy this feature.


smart toilets or bio tracer
The smart toilet/BioTracer can detect when you approach the toilet, and it will automatically open the toilet seat and cover for your need. As same as other options, you can use the remote to control this function also.


Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh after every use.


smart toilets or bio tracer
When you enter the bathroom, the led bulbs will automatically switch on. This feature activated based on the ambient light. If it is dark, the LED light will be activated automatically. The LED light can be activated using the remote or the controller.

Some smart toilet/BioTracer seats have a night light on them to direct you to the toilet without the need to turn other lights along.


The classic bidet is a low oval basin used for hands-free, no-touch washing to give you a more hygienic experience. Smart commodes or BioTracer combine a bidet feature. They may come with a remote control to adjust the spray angle. The bidet wand, self-cleans after use. Also, the manual bidet seat works without the need for electricity. It operates just on water pressure alone. So if your power goes out, you’re still good.


smart toilets or bio tracer
After cleaning yourself with water, it’s only natural that you’ll desire to dry yourself, and the smart bidet seat can help you on that point as well. On the remote control is a dryer function, and again, there are multiple temperature levels that can be set for your comfort.

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