Interior Design Trends: Geometric Designs

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Geometric prints are taking over the design world. From runway fashion to company branding, we’re seeing kaleidoscopic designs pop up in lots of places. You may have seen many articles about the rising trend of geometric designs in interior design. Now, we’re focusing in on geometric walls loaded with triangles, rich tones and modern accent pieces.

These punchy prints in vibrant colours transform walls from the backdrop of a room to an eye-catching, mesmerizing focal point. Geometric walls give us a chance to playfully break design rules; they let us incorporate several bold colours and embrace asymmetry.

We love the way the result can amplify modern furnishings or add a fun twist to the mid-century modern design.

When it comes to interior designs, it’s always key to keep an eye on trends. Right now, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular. We’re starting to see them popping up everywhere from television shows to the pages of popular magazines.


Geometric designs are being revisited this year. Think back to the ’70s if you want a retro look or bring geometrics bang up to date with a contemporary pattern. From chequered floors to splash-backs and accessories there are many ways to introduce geometric patterns into your home.

There’s something deeply satisfying as well as beautiful about geometric patterns. The good news for lovers of patterns and colours is that bold geometrics are extremely trendy right now, giving you every excuse to cover your interiors in lovely mathematical puzzles. You don’t have to be a math lover to admire the beauty of geometric patterns. Versatile with clean lines, designers love how even the simplest motif can transform a space.

The geometric pattern is always trendy as you can use it in either a modern or a classic way. It’s classic because it originates from ancient Roman marble floors, so it’s perfect for any home surrounded by antiques and velvet curtains. It can be also very 20th century because it reminds us of the Art Deco 1920s skyscraper interiors, full of geometric marbles and brass surfaces. But it’s also modern if you leave it alone, as a unique decoration, without any atrezzo around, maybe just with painted white walls and clean white stone floors —that’s it. It’s young, it’s fresh, it’s sophisticated, but always depending on the soul you want to add to your space.”


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