Maximalism- The big trend of 2019

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Though the past few years have been defined by our overwhelming commitment to paring down, simplifying and embracing minimalism in all its forms, 2018 saw us shift away from this movement—and turn toward its character foil, Maximalism. Maximalism is everything minimalism is not; where minimalism forces us to make decisions about what we really need, maximalism allows us to eschew hard choices entirely—inviting us, instead, to stock up on everything we desire. And if 2019 home decor trends are any indication, 2019 will usher us into an even more maximalist era than 2018 did.

The Basics of Maximalism:

  1. Load up on lots of colour.
  2. The more artwork, the better.
  3. Toil for comfort and add only the decor you love.
  4. Don’t strive for Perfection, strive for Personalisation.

According to Etsy’s 2019 trend report, one of the most pervasive 2019 home decor trends is maximalist home decor. Because it’s not enough for our closets to be loaded with texture, print, and colour—our apartments deserve the sensory overload treatment, too.

Here at G. H. Karia, we don’t really care whether our readers follow trends—what makes us happiest is seeing people craft and embrace aesthetics they feel great about. Trends are useful in so far as they establish new avenues for self-expression. So if you’re a die-hard minimalist, keep doing you; don’t let 2019 home decor trends tell you who you are or what you want. But if you’re a maximalist, get excited! 


1. Feel Free to Mix Textures and Patterns

The great thing about maximalism is that there are no explicit rules. You’re free to match different styles and décor elements and experiment with things as much as you like. A mix of fabrics, patterns, and textures is what gives maximalism its recognizable look. Be bold when decorating and you’ll achieve a look that’s interesting and full of personality.

When it comes to one of your most commonly used and seen rooms in your home, take advantage of the freedom of maximalism by bringing in a wild range of juxtapositions that’ll make the room feel well-judged and out of this world.

Create a rich look by literally filling it to the brim with piles of statement-making furnishings that each boast a completely unique design while together, they create a beautiful open-ended composition that you can continue to add to in the future. As for once, maximalism is a bonafide design style that doesn’t call for a completely tight edit.


2. Bold Floral Wallpapers / Tiles

There’s no better time to up your colourful tile game. Forget the white walls and monotonous stripy prints. Shop for unique prints with a touch of luxe or quirkiness to create a conversational nook at home.


3. Retro Colours

With maximalism, you can indulge in any decade and historical references for inspiration. Update your bedroom with a French boudoir theme from the neo-classicism period or the velveteen sheen of the 70s for some extra shimmer in your room. Colours like bubble gum pink, coral and dusty hues are all the rage this season.


4. Wall of Frames

If you only have one statement piece at home, it’s time to multiply that by ten. Line up prints, paintings, and posters altogether and experiment with spacing, colour, motifs and different frames to get the eclectic effect.


5. Add Accessories

If you’ve been collecting fabrics, cushion covers and all sorts of home accessories, this is your time to let it all out. Layer each corner with exuberant colours, textures, and volume. Every now and then, move things around to change the dynamics of the space. Remember, anything goes in maximalism.


6. Go Boho-Style

Fans of boho style will probably fall in love with maximalism trend. These two styles share a common theme of gorgeous excess. If you love print fabric, love color and love to immerse yourself in everything beautiful, you can easily embrace maximalism while staying true to your boho-roots.




“While maximalism is most commonly employed in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, it can also be incorporated successfully in the kitchen with the right planning”, say the experts. While maximalism doesn’t initially seem to pair well with practicality, when it comes to kitchens, there’s still a sensible way to bring the spirit of the design style in. From evocative porcelain to dramatic lighting features, small notes here and there can make a world of difference.

Create a rich, layered, and mesmerizing effect by simply piling it on while keeping balance in mind.


When it comes to the heady feel of maximalism, even the most small-scale of spaces can be brought to life with the rich and expressive feel of the design concept. And for your bathroom, all it takes is a rethink of its wall treatments.

From a wild wallpaper to high-gloss unique bathroom tiles, be explorative and go for bold. Just be sure that it’s a colour you can see yourself happily committed to for the long haul.


Maximalism trend doesn’t need to be perfect.


How relaxing it would be to decorate without the pressure of perfection. Maximalism style works best when it’s imperfect. Organized chaos is key when incorporating maximalism with your home. While your decor should have some unifying colours or patterns, there is absolutely no need to stress over matching furniture or colours — in fact, that’s the best part, isn’t it?

If you’re planning to give maximalism a try this year, go for it! Also, feel free to let us know what your thoughts are on this incredible trend, and whether these top tips were helpful!



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