Chintz Decor Making a Comeback from the ’80s

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What is chintz? This textile, featuring flowery patterns on curtains, couches, and wallpaper, was all the rage in the 1980s. Since then, it’s fallen from grace, hard. In fact, after its long history of ins and outs in fashion, the word “chintzy” has become synonymous with decor that’s considered gaudy or cheap.

But as trends tend to do, the pendulum has swung back. Chintz is coming back strong! So don’t knock chintz until you’ve taken a good look.

Chintz can be tricky. Its bold, old-fashioned flower prints can so easily tip into fusty English bed-and-breakfast if you’re not careful. But if you are careful, it can add colour, texture and a touch of classic elegance to your decor.

Chintz warms things up, and a little goes a long way. But the best thing about chintz may be the feeling that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. With chintz, you can really get comfy.

We at G. H. Karia, adore the idea of Chintz decor because it softens things as using chintz is a great way to both feminize and offset modernism’s hard lines. The nostalgia of our mom’s and grandmother’s houses. We all have great memories of helping our mothers select and coordinate her chintz sofa with chintz pillows and chintz curtains. Chintz is such a happy fabric, don’t you feel?

This bit of chintz on this staid and elegant settee really makes the room. It adds a perfect touch of colour and personality.

A subtle chintz on this plush chair gives the boring beige room a feminine elegance.

The above room is inspired by boho eclectic style in this off-white, greyish room with a simple chintz curtain.

We love the mix of all these patterns: preppy stripes with classic chintz, ethnic cushions and a bit of chinoiserie thrown in for good measure. Bring it on.

A modern black and white chintz pattern. It adds a little warmth to this modern room. But not too much.

Another spot of chintz in a cozy corner. You know it’s the quintessential use of chintz when it looks like it would go perfectly with a nice cup of tea and your favourite book!

Woah! A bold, modern take on a chintz pattern enlivens this little kitchen. Interesting, isn’t it?

Inspired by tiles with chintz designs, the experts created this pretty yet sophisticated bathroom. Here,in the first image the chintz curtain is the perfect balance for the pale blue colour of the walls. The second and the third image shows us chintz pattern on tiles.

The fun thing about chintz is that it can appear practically anywhere in your home: If your decor generally lacks patterns and uses solid colors, consider going big with a chintz tiles or curtains (but probably not both!). If you pick one that ties in colors already present in your home decor, you’ll have a winning look that’s clean yet bold. For a feminine touch, you’ll achieve the same effect by dressing up a mostly white bedroom with a headboard upholstered in chintz.

Some of the examples of chintz tiles:

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