How to raise the oomph factor in your kitchen with patterned tiles

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Giving your home the oomph factor is not a facile task. It is crucial to achieve the perfect balance of smart designing and the want to exude luxury in every corner. Sometimes, an overdo of either can make your home look too flashy or too dull. 

One of the major contributing factor to making your home look chic is the flooring. Tiles come in to picture when you want a flooring that complements the lighting, ceiling or the walls. But, the potential of good tiles paved the way for interior designers and architects to play with tiles on the walls and other unexpected areas of a home.  Pretty much every beautiful house has its fair share of tiles on walls, floors, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, foyers and lots of other rooms. Tiles are versatile and favourite amongst designers.


  1. Focus on the floor

Just think about it. The floor is one of the largest swaths of real estate in your kitchen. Instead of going for the typical plain porcelain tile or wood flooring, try and take advantage of this large surface by adding a patterned tile for style and character. 

2. Stress your backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes often are a single and solid colour. You might take this opportunity instead to display some character with an interesting patterned tile like this.

3. Style your stove

If devoting to a patterned tile on the floor or entire backsplash seems too awful, look to the wall behind your stove or cooktop. The simple patterned tile on the small space behind the stove pops up into a stylish feature and makes a huge impact in this kitchen.

4. Decorate your open shelves

If you have open shelving or are considering this minimal storage option in your kitchen, try devoting the large space behind the shelves to patterned tile. This combo can really customise a kitchen.

6. Deck the walls

To get a maximum payoff for your patterned tile, look to all your kitchen walls as an alternative. These decoratively tiled walls not only resemble wallpaper but are easier to clean and more durable.


Which tile style did you like the most? Tell us in Comments.


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