Ideas to make a compact bathroom look bigger

Ideas to make a compact bathroom look bigger

We cannot neglect the fact that a small bathroom can feel cozy and intimate but it can also feel claustrophobic and distressing. Unless you live in a custom-built house with a planned luxurious bath and dressing room, you probably desire your bathroom were larger. Without adding any more twist, you might feel less compact if you use some of our tips to make your small bathroom look and feel larger.



Nude and soft colours tend to give the illusion of more space. We are not saying that the small bathroom has to be pink but avoid bold and exciting colours. Use the bright colours for accessories and towels, but consider pastel tones, neutrals, and whites for backgrounds. Cool and nude colours give the feeling of serenity.



The more light reflects the bigger your bathroom will look. Instead of just hanging a small mirror above the sink, consider mirroring the whole wall, or at least a large portion. This acts as a window in bringing a lot more light into the room and creating an illusion of a bigger room.



Install a wall-mounted WC, because it not only keeps the floor space clear but certifies a clean look by concealing the flushing mechanism within the walls. Even though the space below the WC is not going to be utilized, this type of WC creates a feeling of lightness in contrast to floor-mounted WCs and gives an illusion of more space.


Bathroom niches not only create space for storing toiletries and bath accessories but create visual depth. In this example, just spot how simple niches add so much value and make space feel well-planned.

Keep in mind that clutter visually fills up space and makes it feel congested.



You might think smaller tiles would work best in a small bathroom, but in fact, larger designs are an ideal option. Wide-format tiles result in fewer joints, and therefore show up less ornate grout lines, so the room feels less jumbled and more spacious.


Where can I hang the towels? How we wish we had a dollar for every time we heard that question.

When space is at a premium, mounting a towel rail on the shower door or behind the bathroom door keeps towels handy. You might need to store the bulk of your towels in a nearby closet, but having that one towel close by to dry off with is mandatory.


The fewer items on display in your bathroom, the larger it will. If you don’t use all those products, get rid of them. If there isn’t room for the laundry basket without it getting in the way, find a new home for it in another room.

This will automatically make your room look and feel bigger by creating more space.


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Let’s stop saying NO to Public Toilets!

Let’s stop saying NO to Public Toilets!

We don’t tend to talk about toilets much, even though we all use them. But not only do public toilets meet our voiding needs when we go out: they are the site for many underlying social processes and behaviours, especially those related to gender roles.

From a purely physical needs perspective, nearly thousands of Indians have bladder or bowel control problems. This means many can’t confidently leave their homes unless they know clean and hygienic toilets will be available.

People who have to plan their activities or schedules around their toileting needs are frequent users of public toilets. They include the elderly, parents with small children, people with certain disabilities, people with a range of medical conditions, and workers whose jobs involve traveling (and these groups are not mutually exclusive).

Anyone, who has ever been in an overcrowded or uncomfortable public toilet, will value a good toilet design. The usual demands placed on a high-profile, high traffic and heavily used facility requires extra thoughts for each process.

A well-designed public toilet has to be:

(a) Clean, hygienic and dry.

(b) Well ventilated.

(c) Easy to maintain.

(d) Carefully planned layout with maintenance in mind.

(e) User – friendly to people with disabilities and special needs.

Let us talk about the must-haves in a Public toilet:

1. Safe Seat:

It is a known fact that people are afraid to use a public washroom. Sharing a WC is like sharing a toothbrush or a towel with strangers. Until now, there wasn’t much that could be done to solve this problem for years.

Safe Seat is a hygienic, intelligent and a self-cleaning toilet seat cover technology. It is an electronic and an automatic sanitary machine with a sensor attached in each seat. The idea is to give every user a new, fresh and clean seat.

2. Wash Basins:

The use of flat bottom washbasins is not recommended. Such wash basins do not effectively allow dirt and debris to be washed into the drain pipes. Wash basins should be under-counter. Other designs such as a long basin trough are allowed provided that they can minimize the problem of water spilling over from the basin to the counter. For basins that sit on top of the counter or are stand-alone, should be deep enough to prevent water splashing out of the basins when in use

3. Sensor Taps:

All faucets should be sensory faucets by keeping hygiene into consideration.

4. Wastebins/Litterbins:

Waste bins should be provided inside each male and female toilet and outside the toilets located directly below or in close proximity to the washbasin vanity. Sanitary disposal bins should be placed in each female toilet cubicle. The bins should be operable by means other than hand contact.

5. Hand dryer:

A minimum of one hand-dryer blower or paper towel dispenser should be provided near the hand washbasin area.

6. Soap dispensers:

One soap dispenser should be provided for every washbasin. Soap dispensers should be located in close proximity to basins. Dispensers should either have a transparent reservoir or a clear plastic soap refill indicator window. Soap valves should be made of corrosion-free materials and suited to dispense hand soap. However, a Sensor Soap Dispenser is a complete Yay-Yay!

7. Toilet papers:

An extra-large toilet paper roll along with holder, multi-roll capacity or a toilet tissue sheet dispenser of similar capacity should be installed in each water closet cubicle.

One of the major reasons people avoid Public toilet is the ‘Odour’.

Let’s talk about it.


Whilst public toilet itself is actually the source of malodour, it is practically impossible to abolish malodour completely unless the toilet is kept away from being used which does not seem sensible at all. Having said that, however, by careful consideration on the design of both natural and mechanical ventilation system for a public toilet, it is possible to minimize the nuisance of malodour both to the users as well as to the general public in the vicinity.

Proper ventilation of a public toilet is one of the highest priorities in the design of toilets. Ventilation system ensures that vitiated air is quickly extracted, and helps to avoid dampness and subsequent growth of mold on floors and walls.


Natural Ventilation

Special consideration on the design of the toilet enclosure and layout could also enhance its natural cross ventilation.

Features like the lifted-up roof, roof ventilation openings, external wall undercut, high and low-level external louvers, unobstructed air flow path with respect to entrance opening position, openings on opposite walls, etc. are measures that could increase natural cross ventilation inside a toilet and help to remove malodour more quickly and effectively.

Mechanical  Ventilation

According to international design guidelines and standards, the recommended mechanical ventilation rate for the toilet is around 6 to 10 air changes per hour. However, in India, due to our high population density, It is, therefore, necessary to design the ventilation rate at 20 air changes per hour. With a higher air change rate, the removal of malodour is extra effective.

It’s quite improbable that public bathrooms will make you sick, and it’s better to go when you need to than to hold it until you reach home. Yes, Public toilets often smell bad and sometimes look unsavory, and it’s true that they harbor germs. But so do so many other places we visit frequently, including offices, schools, home, and stores. Germs won’t make you sick if you leave them in the bathroom instead of taking them with you.

The Indian Government is leading the way with its ‘Swachh Bharat’ Mission  ‘Clean India Campaign’ which aims to provide universal access to all Indians in just 5 years (2014–2019), proclaiming the nation ODF (open defecation free) and building more than 100 million toilets. The campaign is making swift progress in providing access to toilets and awareness is high amongst citizens.

The evolution of Public Toilets in recent years:

Project name: THE LIGHT BOX



The above restroom stands at one of the busiest roads of  Mumbai, under an overhanging tree.  It has four blocks at two ends. At one end there are two toilets with a common washbasin and at the other end, there is a nursing room and a toilet for handicapped and senior citizens. The center of the restroom is a garden for various activities.

The Restroom with toilet blocks is fitted with a biodigester to reduce the use of fresh water and improved waste management. It also includes a nursing room and has amenities like sanitary pads vending machine and incinerator, CCTV cameras, Mobile charging points and a panic alarm system in place. “For us, providing a safe environment for women was as important as providing hygienic toilets. We have created space for an ATM machine and are looking to collaborate with banks that can provide this facility along with a security guard to make the restrooms more secured.” Says the founder.

This Public toilet at one of the most famous places in Mumbai is more art than architecture.

Architect: Serie Architects

Where: Marine Drive

A swanky and eco-friendly public toilet equipped with solar panel and vacuum technology at Marine Drive has been designed keeping hygiene in mind and to save water. Built at a whopping cost of Rs 90 lakh, the facility will be of great help to the general public, including joggers and cyclists, who throng the iconic promenade. A toilet generally requires eight liters of water for a single flush, but this facility uses only 800 ml water. Besides saving water, the toilet’s vacuum technology will prevent a few million liters of raw sewage from getting flushed directly into the Marine Drive bay each year.

People travel long distances to work and back but there is no infrastructure available to absorb their requirements. For instance, on a highway, you don’t want to only use the toilet, you might want to freshen up and change, or charge your phone, yet the toilets never address these needs.

The idea behind this article is to prevent serious health issues and encourage people to use public toilets in a country like ours where people, despite having public toilets, piddle in the open or hold the pee because of the unhygienic conditions of the Public Toilets.

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Imagine yourself standing out in the rain, and the gentle raindrops are tickling your face. Now you can experience the same relaxing and amazing raindrop feeling while taking a shower from the comfort of your own home. If you invest in a rain shower head, you will be well on your way to take your shower experience to a whole new level and turn your shower activity into a soothing rain forest feeling.

Nothing compares to take a relaxing shower in the morning, letting the raindrop effect do its magic and wash away your sleepiness. It feels amazing, giving a sense of tranquillity & relaxation. This is a fantastic way to wake up fresh and ready to tackle a busy day. Shower heads have become veritable designer objects in the bathroom, they are ever more important. Bringing together the essential elements of a great shower.

What is the difference between rain shower heads and normal shower heads?


Rain shower heads which are also known as rain heads tend to be wider than your run-of-the-mill shower head. That’s because instead of spraying a concentrated stream of water directly at you, they hang directly over you and shower you more gently. That means you get a more luxurious, spa-like experience, but it also means the head needs to cover more area.


Many doubt that a rain shower head won’t be able to deliver the same kind of water pressure that their normal shower heads can. It’s true – rain shower heads are different, but they can still deliver a high-enough pressure shower for you to feel clean.

To ensure that the moment of taking a shower assumes an ever greater significance, there is a vast range of multipurpose shower heads with their striking visual impact.

Based on the type of flows Shower Heads are classified into two types:

1. Ceiling mounted

2. Wall mounted

Following are the types of Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads and Wall Mounted Shower Heads based on the water flow:



Axor – Wall mounted Rain Shower Head 

Axor- Ceiling mounted Rain Shower Head

Most people find the rain to be truly relaxing to look at and to feel. The chance to enjoy such a refreshing feeling whenever you want to and in the comfort of your own home can be priceless for many. The presence of air disrupts the continuous flow of water to produce their version of raindrops. A unique, near-natural rain feeling is created by 345 finely adjusted individual nozzles. A head shower and a body shower make a pleasant shower rain down. The raining effect of these showers is also directly related to the size of the shower head. Opting for a wider shower head will give a more realistic rain experience. No matter which choice you make, rain showers will give you a refreshing shower experience.

Bongio – Switch Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head

Don’t be deceived by the looks of the Switch by Bongio. It may appear as a regular wall lamp, but it is actually a clever wall mounted shower head for your bathroom. Fixed at the wall of your bathroom, this rain shower head undoubtedly resembles a Pixar wall lamp with a flexible head. A colorful cord and on/off switch add splashing vibrant hues to its black and gray body. The strong presence of this blue or red power cord makes the rain shower head seem more like a wall lamp than an ordinary shower head. The Funky design of Switch tap will surely leave your visitors talking, especially when they suddenly realize that on switching on the lamp there won’t be any light. Instead, the lamp pours a rushing stream of water. It will indeed be a fun addition to your bathroom space, leaving your guests wondering what just happened.


Ceiling Mounted Mist Shower Head

The special cold water mist nozzle offers a refreshing change. Like morning dew, it gently wets the skin, provides pleasant coolness and makes the natural experience of the shower head perfect.


TumbleRain Shower Head

Dornbracht Aquamoon-att (Queen’s collar)

Dornbracht Aquamoon-att (Aqua circle)

This is one of the most unorthodox types of showers. Waterfall showers emulate, as the name suggests, waterfalls. Once you see and experience the magic of waterfall showers, there is nothing that can top it in terms of bathing experience. Your body is so used to taking showers that are under thin sprays or drops of water. Going under a waterfall shower and feeling the heavy rush of water can become a fascinating experience.  You can feel the stress and exhaustion get washed away by waves upon waves of streaming water. It is really an experience like no other. Cascade Flow technology creates a shower experience similar to standing under a curved waterfall. A curved slit in the shower head allows a wide stream of water to flow, warming and soothing the entire body for long-lasting relaxation — even after the shower.

In the first image, Rediscover The Thrill Of Bucket Bath with TumbleRain Shower. A Shower that takes you back to a simpler time, to the fond memories of being inundated with a wave of water as the thrilling climax of the bath time ritual.




The water falling straight from the middle spot of the ceiling mounted shower head is termed as ‘Monospout Showerhead Flow’

With this overhead shower, the water undergoes a powerful enactment: from revitalizing water jet to soothing shower rain. Every element equals luxury squared. Geometric, minimalist design. This Shower Head designed by Philippe Starck is a system. It can be arranged and combined in a variety of ways. Vertically. Horizontally. Basically, The single flow of water in the center is called mono spout showerhead. With three jet types in the extensive overhead shower. The shower becomes a customized spa for staging water in a personalized way.


The Raindance Rainmaker Air surrounds you in a gentle downpour, washing away stress and exfoliating your skin. It features a huge 680mm x 460mm face with 3 separate shower modes – not patterns either, modes that are designed to relax and invigorate you from head to toe.

 Each mode offers something unique, from ‘RainAir’ which mixes microbubbles into each waterdrop for silky smooth water. ‘RainAir XXL’ provides a vigorous shower that drenches you entirely. Finally, there’s the choice of ‘WhirlAir’ which is ideal for rinsing hair and massaging muscle ache.

This shower head is the ultimate in luxurious showering. Not only does it provide a sleek and sophisticated shower whivh is absolutely perfect for those who are designing a minimal bathroom scheme but it also provides you and your family with an enveloping shower you’ll never want to leave.

One can even upgrade this shower head to include integrated lighting. With integrated lighting, one can create a bright and spacious shower interior or switch off your main lights in the evening for a cosy and atmospheric ambiance.



The latest lighting technology is used to produce the different mood lighting of the Shower Heads. Integrated into the rain sky are four LED spots and an all-around light frame. The latest lighting technology is used to produce different mood lighting in the Shower Heads. Integrated into the rain sky are four LED spots and an all-around light frame. A power-multichip RGBW light source allows intelligent activation of individual colour channels, colour mixing from across the entire RGB colour space and gradual adjustment of the white-light range from 2,000 to 10,000 Kelvin. Thermal management is excellent – and a guarantee for a long service life – and is equipped with precise lens technology to direct the lighting unit and limit its glare. In this way, Shower Heads reflects the entire range of natural mood lighting – from a gentle sunrise to radiant daylight or expressive sheet lightning, to a calming sunset.


A special feature of showerheads are the fragrances attuned to the Signature Treatments, as they are inspired by the actual weather phenomena and moods of nature. They are produced using high-quality, natural, essential oils, aromas and balms, and accentuate the therapeutic effect of the water. In addition, all fragrance compositions are tested by the International Fragrance Association IFRA, which ensures the high quality and safe enjoyment of the fragrances.

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1.  Do have a plan.

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’. Home builders and remodelers say that planning is everything. Firstly, you need to define your goals. Are you transforming the master bedroom’s en suite, updating the kids’ bathroom, converting a half-bath or any other fixtures? Next, envision your updated bathroom. When you’re ready, schedule a consultation with a designer who can help you refine your ideas, select materials and coordinate the installation. An interior designer will assist you in creating an equally aesthetic and functional place that will address your personal needs and style preferences.

Another crucial part of the planning process is preparing for the potential of not having full access to the bathroom you’re remodeling. Depending upon the extensiveness of your remodel there can be times when your bathroom won’t be accessible or have full functionality.  Professional remodelers and contractors are very good at limiting these pinch points and should readily communicate when and why your bathroom will be unusable.


2. Splurge on the shower.

Just like any other room in your home, the bathroom needs to have a focal point or a design element that’s meant to draw the eye. According to the design communities, sumptuous showers are one of the most popular features among home buyers, so it may be a good feature to highlight. Also, because of its functionality which is connected to water and water because of its rejuvenation. The shower is used much more frequently than the bathtub is, so it is not a bad idea to splurge a little on the shower. If you count how often you use your bathtub for a bath and not just because it is the tub/shower combination you will soon realize a walk-in shower is a solid and wise investment. Think of it this way, you’ll get to enjoy multiple shower heads and heated floors now, with the added benefit of knowing your investment will probably pay off down the road.


3. Do get quality surfaces/tiles

Budget constraints may pressurize you to settle for low-cost materials that aren’t as appealing. However, in the end, these compromises can decrease your ultimate satisfaction. Whenever possible, choose quality materials that fit your aesthetic. They’ll last longer and give your bathroom a high-end finish that can’t be replicated with builder basics. Sometimes, it’s better to do less and to do it right. If needed, decide which updates are most important to you.


4. Do set a realistic budget.

Even if you have unlimited resources, it’s good to have a financial plan in place to help guide you on your purchasing journey. This will help you narrow down your options for each aspect of your bathroom renovation, saving you significant time during the decision making process. Before you plan your dream bathroom, decide how much you want to spend.

Having a budget will also help you to make realistic plans that you’ll be satisfied with in the end.


5. Hire a Professional Contractor and Plumber

Older bathrooms may need completely new wiring. Additionally, you may need to replace regular outlets with those designed to function safely near water. One of the most dangerous and complicated aspects of bathroom remodels is electrical wiring. Don’t try to do this yourself — mixing water and electricity isn’t a risk you want to take.

Nowadays, people are more into online/instant geysers which requires 3-phase wire connection and 6 sq. mm wire which is not known by everyone. Hence, if you hire a qualified electrician you can rely on him for such things for your safety.

6. Technologically Innovations and        Intelligent Functions

“The technology is much more than a method, it is a world in itself” – MIES VAN DER ROHE


Hi-tech modern bathrooms heighten the sense of convenience and comfort while adding to their aesthetic appeal. Of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom probably isn’t top of the priority list for splashing the cash on gadgets, seeing as most of your time is probably spent elsewhere unless you are an avid bubble bath fan.

But that’s not to say the bathroom doesn’t have its fair share of exciting gadgets and in fact, it has just as much potential to be as smart as the rest of your home. 

There is so much betterment of the cutting-edge technologies that range from digitally-operated commodes to faucet sensors for creating an invigorating bathroom experience.  

For eg:

SMART TOILETS: Smart toilets these days are more in vogue. They have an in-bowl catalytic deodorizer and a cleansing technology that uses electrolyzed water with a slightly acidic pH value, as well as a coated bowl activated by an integrated UV light to ensure the bowl remains free of waste, lime scale, and mold. And if this is not enough, some smart toilets do come with in-built Alexa. Clever.


JET SPRAYS: What if you could experience that pleasant feeling after using the toilet too? When a soft, warm water jet cleans gently and leaves nothing but the purest freshness?  

Cleaning with warm water is becoming the new standard in intimate hygiene. And no wonder, because it meets the very human need for cleanliness and freshness.

FOR EXAMPLE: TECEone. With its shower function, this jet spray brings you pure refreshment after using the toilet. Simple. Comfortable.



1.  Don’t Forget About Lighting, Ventilation, and Storage.

The importance of lighting is usually overlooked or an afterthought altogether during bathroom renovation planning. Updating light fixtures is an easy and effective way to modernize your bathroom. Use a combination of direct and ambient light from ceiling fixtures, wall sconces or vanity lamps to create an inviting space. For lighting, consider creating layers of illumination in the room. Replace the exhaust fan for better humidity control. Ventilation helps your bathroom stay fresh. A poor ventilation system guarantees that your bathroom will eventually grow mold, which can be hazardous to your health. Finally, don’t underestimate the need for ample storage to accommodate towels and toiletries. Include at least one closet, vanity cabinet or built-in cupboard in your design.


2. Don’t Skimp on the vanity

The bathroom vanity is another feature where you can make a big statement. Options that feature double sinks, large mirrors and plenty of storage are on-trend. If possible, opt for one with a luxe top in a material such as granite or marble to add even more visual interest to space.

Keep in mind that you can always change up the look of your existing vanity if needed. You could also switch out the drawer pulls or even buy a new topper from a home improvement store to freshen up the bathroom’s aesthetic.

3. Don’t Cheap out on materials.


Items in your bathroom that are going to get used every day are not the ones you want to find the bargain materials on. Materials like the one you use for the vanity countertop are going to face daily wear and tear so take into consideration the quality of material you are using here. Same goes for the tiles you use for either your tub or walk-in shower. Materials you will touch daily will wear faster, so think about where you want to invest your money.

4. Don’t purchase products online before having a look at them.

Going online is an appreciable way of researching products and design ideas. But materials and finishes aren’t always as they appear on your screen as one swipe of filter is enough to improve or completely change the look of the product. That blue vanity top might be bluer than in real life, or the light fixtures that look understated online could overwhelm your actual space. Above all, what matters the most is the feel and touch factor. Lack of touch-feel factor creates concerns over the quality of the product on offer. That’s why it is always recommended to visit a showroom or design center before you buy. While you’re there, you may even get the showroom to meet or even beat the online price.

5. Don’t Rush.

Once you decide that you want a remodeled bathroom, you probably don’t want it to finish it the next day only to mess it up. Remodeling takes time. However, take time to plan the design and costs to avoid going over your budget. Poor planning may lead to redoing projects, which leads to greater costs. You’ll probably need a few weeks to gather ideas and to develop a design. Then, it may take a month to complete the demolition and framing before the other work can proceed. Keep pictures of bathroom ideas you like to help you refine your design. During the planning process, consider rearranging the layout. Remodeling doesn’t happen every day, so organize the space how you want. Toward the end of the project, many homeowners lose focus and just want to use their new bathroom. Resist the urge to cut corners. These details are essential for creating a clean, professional finish. The end result will be worth the extra time.
What are Shower Trays and Why they could be a Smart Option

What are Shower Trays and Why they could be a Smart Option

When thinking about a new shower for their bathroom, many people think that their choices are limited, more so than say, choosing a bath. But actually, there are loads of different styles all designed to suit your needs and pocket. Choosing the right shower for space is a tricky business, especially when you’re thinking about how the shower will impact the other furniture and fittings in the room. It’s used daily – if not more often – and is likely to be in place for quite some time. So it needs to be durable, sturdy and stylish. That’s why your shower tray materials are such an important consideration when installing your new bathroom. There are lots of different types to choose from, each of which has its own pros and cons.


There is no easy answer to this question as everybody’s needs are different. Before you start the process, you’ll need to scratch your head about color, style, safety, finish, cost, and maintenance. But forget the bad old days of flimsy plastic that cracks and stains almost straightaway. Today’s latest shower trays are available in a range of high-quality materials that are stylish, stain-resistant and easy to clean. This expert guide helps you with each option to make the right choice for you.




In recent years stone shower trays, also known as stone resin shower trays, have become a very popular choice. These usually feature a mix of natural stone minerals and a resin compound, polished to a smooth finish. The design experts are bringing the bathing experience back to nature with these amazing new natural stone shower trays. Long favored as a durable and stylish flooring finish, these gorgeous, unrefined stones come alive with the Natural stone. The gentle gradation of the stone leads down to the drain, further resembling nature’s raw forms.




The Optical Rectangular shower tray creates a modern stream bed through a fantastically simple graphic element. It features a pattern of raised large circles in various sizes, the ceramic designer shower tray gives a textured depth and interest. With a concealed drain, the water twists and turns between the circles much as it would between large river stones. The result is a natural anti-slip design. The Optical shower tray can be mounted flush to the floor, or as a raised contemporary shower base. By combining multiple units a broad path of shower space can be created. The Optical Rectangular shower tray is available in a range of colors including black, orange, red, blue, green and anthracite.




Slate is another of the shower tray materials that work well with contemporary designs. An interesting alternative to shiny white. A slate shower tray offers a luxurious look combined with a practical, non-slip surface. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to make a style statement in your bathroom space. Slate’s low profile design means it can be fitted on or level with your floor.  It is available in a range of colors such as fossil grey, white or slate black effect finishes. A slate shower tray helps to create a unique, eye-catching look that will last for years. Care has to be taken with cleaning products as it’s easily stained.




Another interesting option for shower tray materials is marble. Marble offers a classic, timeless finish that works well with both period and modern bathroom designs. It’s associated with luxury and master craftsmen and is often found in high-end, five-star hotels.

A popular choice for wet rooms, a marble shower tray can be set into the floor itself, for a sleek, uniform look. Thanks to the variety, each piece of marble is unique, so it’s perfect for a customized design.





If you’re watching the budget, a ceramic shower tray could be a sensible option. Ceramic is durable and stain-resistant, but much more affordable compared with other materials such as stone, slate or marble. It does have a few disadvantages, however. Ceramic tends to be quite weighty. It is also prone to crack or shatter if anything heavy is dropped on it. And just like your typical bathroom basin, ceramic shower trays are cold to the touch. However, if you’re looking for a durable budget option, that’s easy to keep clean, ceramic is tough to top.

The ceramic shower tray is quite heavy ( which means that it requires a solid base ), but also extremely resistant to all kinds of strains and deformations. And almost completely stainless, which is a guarantee that it will look like new for many years after the installation. The second image shows the ceramic shower tray named waterdrop. Waterdrop shower trays are characterized by its original minimal design and its reduced height.‎




Acrylic shower trays are another affordable option without burning a hole in your pocket. They’re also versatile, as they come in lots of different shapes and sizes which are perfect if your bathroom is bijou!

Acrylic shower trays feel warm to touch (ideal for chilly feet!) and are lightweight with more flexibility. This means that they are fairly quick and easy to install. The downside of this material is that it is not very sturdy. So an acrylic shower tray can feel flimsy and is more susceptible to breakages and cracks.







The colored shower trays made of sanitary acrylic or Quaryl turn your shower into a vibrant focal point in the bathroom. The smooth, non-porous surfaces are not only elegant to look, but they also are also easy to clean. Therefore, allows you to enjoy perfect cleanliness and unique sheen for many years to come.




The bathroom should, therefore, be designed to promote the maximum comfort for those who use it, leading to a beneficial state of well being.‎ To achieve this rewarding condition, the choice of surface and bathroom accessories should include functionality, aesthetics and easy maintenance.‎ 




The above image shows, The CONOFLAT, a steel shower tray which has an extremely flat design without any edges to trip over. The enameled waste cover fits seamlessly into the surface that is level with the floor. For new and elegant aesthetics, unlimited freedom of movement and optimal comfort when standing. The CONOFLAT is available in 33 dimensions. The CONOFLAT guarantees a pleasurable showering experience because of its integrated design concept. Steel shower trays are functional, long lasting and super slim, allowing a perfect integration in the shower space. They can be cleaned with just a wet soapy cloth.




A new range of shower trays with an anti-slip design though for residential and contract. With a modern and functional design that would fit any bathroom and need. The new ceramic shower trays can be fit on the floor or semi-recessed. The new sensetta shower trays are characterized with clean shapes, functionality and flat colours.



1. Say bye-bye to water leakage

One of the most important purposes of the shower tray is that whether it’s a rectangular shower tray or a square one – is the prevention of water leakage. It’s in the nature of water to go where there is the least resistance, and it’s very hard to stop water once it has found that path. A shower tray ensures that water flows where it is supposed to flow. In fact, shower trays are designed in such a way as to manoeuvre the direction in which water goes. As you shower, the tilt of the tray ensures the water goes immediately to the drain.

2. Installation is no big hassle

Bathroom installations tend to be difficult because of the limitations of space and needs, the existing plumbing, and electrical outlets and let’s not forget government and building regulations. However, shower trays come in various sizes, shapes, and models and have been fabricated with easy installation in mind. With so many kinds of shower trays on the market, it’s inconceivable that there isn’t a perfect shower tray for every person.

3. Saves your time and money

Rather than remodeling your whole bathroom to adjust to the shower requirements, it is much more practical to install a shower tray that suits your needs. Not only does it save labor and time, but it also saves a lot of money. It’s not just voguish and practical, it’s also economical.

5. Anti-slip

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Minimalist Bathroom Designs You Shouldn’t Miss

Minimalist Bathroom Designs You Shouldn’t Miss

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasing and calming on the eye and is, therefore, a great style by which to design a bathroom scheme. Contemporary bathroom, as well as a minimalist bathroom, is a perfect example of the interior perfection to optimize the space and maximize the appearance with a minimum of bathroom appliances.


We often hear people say “less is more,” and a pet peeve of us
is when the phrase is used to mean
cheaper is better. The theory of less is more isn’t about spending less. It is
about achieving better designs through simplicity. It is about getting the
greatest impact through careful editing and restraint. Minimalism has really become quite the
buzzword in recent years. The
idea is to keep the spaces to be serene and uncluttered, but not cold and
sterile. Let objects have some breathing room, the better to be appreciated.
There is a real art to creating spaces that have no excess, but that exude
warmth and beauty.

Minimalism is a style that can make an interior design look comfortable, convenient, modern and sophisticated. Since we’re enjoying the minimalist aesthetic here and not the lifestyle, we can also add a dash of luxury to proceedings. We’re not attempting to subtract every detail that does not have a clear and intentional use or pushing back against a bit of bathroom bling. There can be minimalist luxury bathrooms as well. Let us check out


minimalist bathroom

Photographer Adusyanti Chatterjee says, “Photos as decor artwork is huge.” Photography and art have the ability to set the tone and mood of a space, and expresses a homeowner’s tastes, so why should bathrooms be overlooked? A sophisticated piece of art lends a bathroom an impactful focal point by keeping things simple.


statement walls in minimalist bathroom

The statement walls trend is all about bringing in deeper, darker and richer colours into the bathroom walls to give it a classy feel. Floral patterns on walls, peonies on wallpaper or in painting work beautifully as an accent. Statement walls, a beautiful installation of bright tiles on a wall which makes a cheery start to the day will surely take away your morning blues.


indoor plants in minimalist bathroom

Indoor plants add a lot of life to a minimalist bathroom without adding unnecessary clutter. A little succulent planter adds a perfect pop of brightness.


minimum lighting in minimalist bathroom

Making sure your minimalist luxury bathroom is lit properly is something that’s often overlooked in a home overhaul. Brightness can add a touch of warm ambience to your bathroom. However, lighting can make all the difference, and swapping costly incandescent bulbs for LED spotlights embedded into the ceiling will help you to create an opulent aesthetic while making the bathroom more eco-friendly in the process. These little things can give your bathroom a grandiose yet stripped-back feel, especially once you’ve stepped out of the shower and the steamy air is illuminated by the bright beams of light.


simplistic in minimalist bathroom

Minimalism is a super cool modern decor trend, and it’s extremely popular because it helps to see beauty in simplicity and clean lines. Less is more may sound like a cliché, but with the minimalist design trend, that’s the essence of this school of design. Now that you have a calming, clear space, you might feel the familiar urge to fill it up. Your walls are mostly bare, isn’t that just begging for more artwork? Rein it in. There’s no room for things that don’t serve a purpose. Simple isn’t boring. It may take a bit of adjustment to learn to appreciate it. Minimalism is an incredible thing.


minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom
Minimalist Bathroom
minimalist bathroom

All these designs and trends are accessible at G. H. KARIA.

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G. H. KARIA, a 60 years old establishment catering to the needs of the Projects and Retail customers in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Surfaces & Floorings industry; moving forward with an extension into a new segment in UPVC windows & doors.

A visit to the G. H. Karia in Mulund, Navi-Mumbai and Ulhasnagar showcases a view of an impressive line-up of various international brands catering to everyone’s needs.

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